As an Interior Architect, Construction Manager, and Illustrator, my designs lie in the cross section between the everyday and daydreaming. My business is inspired by my husband’s silly puns, my dog’s crazy antics, the lively city I get to call home, our adventures near and far, and all the loving family we have sprinkled around the country… life’s everyday magic. 

I began my creative journey with an Interior Architecture degree from UNC Greensboro and have held positions as a commercial interior designer at a boutique design firm and currently a construction manager for a global asset management/ ownership group. My career has taken many shapes but a few things remain consistent. My love of watercolors, digital art, travelling, and a simple lifestyle with my husband and dog. 

As a kid my nick-name was “doozer” because I was always doing something. Helping in the kitchen, making a craft project, playing a sport, or coming up with business schemes. Today I consider myself a Jacqueline of all trades. I’m into everything from making furniture, designing interiors, painting, cooking, telling my husband how to do things the “right way” (he looooves that), gardening, supporting local businesses (aka shopping), and dog spotting (this is where I shout “DOG!” at my husband - I know you do this too).

In 2018 I started dreaming of ways I could spread a little joy to other people’s lives. So I started creating. I want people to remember the small things that matter in life. Like the home you grew up in, the trip you took to Arizona with your best friends, or your favorite hangout spot. Moments like these and so many more deserve to have a spotlight in your life not just a distant memory. 

Here’s what I LOVE to create - 

I love working with people to make their special events unique. Every invitation should be unique and your guests should get to feel the vibe of your event before they even get there. I can create an invitation suite for any occasion. I’ll go out of my way to make it crazy cool - especially if it’s taco themed.  

Making people laugh is one of my specialties - I am a known goofball. Naturally my greeting cards are going to have a little tongue and cheek. Send your friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, pets, whoever it is a little something to smile about. Who doesn’t love getting a handwritten note in the mail??

With all the shopping I do, I’m a sucker for a good brand. I adore working with businesses to create content that helps promote their stores and connect with clients. 

My love of water coloring started in college when we were learning how to hand render and draft. I combined the two and began creating custom home/ venue renderings and pet portraits for friends and family. It’s the perfect way to give someone something truly special that they will cherish forever. 

Like I said before, I’m a doozer and will try anything. I’m always looking for new creative adventures. If you have even a half baked idea let’s chat, collaborate, and make something spectacular.